Devising And Channelizing Strategies With Efficiency The Key To Triumph In Boom Beach

At the very beginning, let’s make things clear that this one’s a wholesome and compact strategy combat game. In addition to the various offensive and defensive strategies, you need to look after the specific and different channelization of Colonel Gear heart and Lt Hammerman. The offensive strategies entail your troops and making them use Gunboat weaponry effectively. First you have the Meat shield where you deploy your troops with high hit points. Then you leave your living shield or meat shield for those troops that have low hit points.

You’ll find that troops like Heavy and Scorcher can take an avalanche of hits can thus be channelized actively and used as your shield. You can use it on more susceptible soldiers like Zooka and Rifleman. You can start your onslaught by deploying the Heavies. Your main foe’s defense attacks the premier target within proximity to you and the other troops behind this segment and target your enemy’s defense points from a safe, placed distance. This is a very useful strategy with all defensive structures holding the capability of terminating troops with minimal hit-points easily. Hit-points are a very integral aspect of your attack. You have Rocket Launcher and Machine Gun in this regard.

Sniping is another time-tested and proven method of attacking with heavies and Rifleman and showering Flares on your enemies. You direct the Flares on your enemy bases and direct them towards the marked headquarters. This is a master technique that’s useful for base layouts along with HQ stationed in the far back with not enough defenses backing it up. You need to extra cautious here with your defense strategies with relatively long range weaponry like mortar, Boom Cannon and Rocket launcher. You can segregate the two walls of the enemy base, sideline the adjacent structures and storm the wall with cannon shells. It’d be easier in this way.

Rush/Rushing is another way of effective playing. You have to attack and raid the beach with a substantial number of troops, which mainly consist of Riflemen. These are your foot soldiers that you need to direct properly.  Due to the egregious amount of targets, all single-shot defenses like Cannon, Boom Cannon and Sniper tower entail no chance of terminating all the troops. After a little experience, you’ll find that this particular strategy is mostly effective when you back it up with a storm of single-shot defenses. Here, you must be extra attentive to various defense facets that cause splash damage. These are Mortar, Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher. This guide will help you. You can ravage large number of troops easily from these defensive bases.

It’s pretty clear by now how important positioning and timing is in Boom. The penultimate strategy is rushing your headquarters. You deploy your warriors as they are extremely agile and athletic and move fast. They can also heal themselves. You deploy these warriors and use Flares and direct them continuously towards the HQ. You can also use Shock bombs and smoke screens for damaging the HQs without making large causalities on either side. For obtaining free, unlimited resources without any stage hassles, you can also use various new boom beach cheats for better gaming if you want, search them online.

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